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Nathalie Simon

Sponsor of the event

Great sportswoman, TV host, wingfoil addict, former windsurfing champion.

"Very impressed by the logistics and all the resources mobilized. The event kept its promises!

Synchronized freestyle, the stands, the atmosphere, the spot, the partners, the parties, the prizes, the free sessions, the Rocabella! And excellent communication. "


Pierre Quiroga


Skipper from Hyères, winner of the Figaro 2021, passionate about wingfoil.


Thomas Goyard

Sponsor of the event

Silver medalist at the Tokyo 2021 RSX Olympics, windfoil world champion, wingfoil addict.

"I saw this project grow in Flora's head and I am very happy to live it with all of you! Congratulations again for this determination and this commitment to this sport and to us sportswomen! "

"It was on top, rarely seen such a success for a first event!

Cheer. "

A huge success for this first edition 

3 new events

- Boardercross course

- Mixed relay

- Synchronized Freestyle

40 athletes

Including the presence of many international 

of equality

access for all, similar rewards


Concert, DJ Sunset

35 volunteers

( always in a good mood ! )

6,000 peoplepresent during the event

17 exhibitors

Environmental associations,   shaper, mark of wingfoils, food trucks...

Actions responsible

organized by environmental associations

Committed partners

in eco-responsibility, equality and sharing


present at the event to take part in multiple activities

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