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Competitions organized by the Ecowave Association, with the logistical support of the HKA, the French Sailing Federation, the Hyères nautical base, the SpotKitecenter and SeaRide des mers. 

Wingfoil competition Confirmed

FFV license in competition COMPULSORY + medical certificate + (parental authorization minors).

Friday April 14:Down-wind and opening of the festival

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 April:Boardercross competitions, wingfoil relay, synchronized freestyle.

National classification federal event (French Cup FFV Grade 4) for Boardercross. 

Categories & podiums: 

o   Boardercross: Women, Men, Youth (-16 years old) . National ranking men and women, federal event. 

o   Team relay (composed by the organizing team trying to compose mixed teams as homogeneous as possible)

o   Freestyle synchro: teams of 2 people (possibility of setting up mixed teams), composed by the athletes themselves


Awards:Many prizes planned for each category and podium. 

If the wind is slow : possible animations pomp foil & dock start, foil winches, boardercross stand up paddle, volleyball, etc. 


Amateur wingfoil competition

FFV license in competition MANDATORY + medical certificate + (parental authorization minors).

Monday April 17:friendly mini-long distance race along the Almanarre beach. 


Federal test delivering un national FFV ranking (Grade 4) .


- Categories & podiums: 

  • WOMEN : 13-18 / 18-45 / 45+

  • MEN: 13-18 / 18-45 / 45+

Awards:Many prizes planned for each category and podium. 


 If the wind is waiting : pomp foil & dock start activities, foil winches, stand up paddle, volleyball, etc.


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